Has Mr. Samblis… “Screwed the Pooch” ???

Has Mr. Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media (aka VU Television) “screwed the pooch” as the saying goes, with his latest decision to post on LieHub?  It certainly looks that way.  Many investors had long given up on Mr. Samblis’s efforts to reconstruct the company after the breakup of his partnership with Mr. Joseph Collins… however his most recent actions have sealed the deal for many of those who still had a glimmer of hope still in them.  Now it appears only the most extreme fringe of loyal supporters may be left to support Mr. Samblis, in the face of overwhelming sentiment that the company will never recover.

Take a look at the below graphic.  You can see by the vast number of post deletions of investors expressing their opinion over the situation, that there are those that seemingly still support Mr. Samblis.  Their effort to hide the true feelings and opinions of their fellow investors is evidence of their blind and unwavering support of Mr. Samblis and the company.  Do they really think that attempting to hide opinions will change the facts?

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Pictured below is one of the posts they deleted because they did not want you to see it.  This post is a partial compilation of posts that Mr. Samblis posted over on LieHub last night.  WHY was this post deleted if for no other reason than censorship, in an attempt to shield Mr. Samblis (and YOU ) from his own words ???  Shameful pure and simple.


Then, when Mr. Samblis finally got banned from the IC Punch Board, he continues to embarrass himself on other boards.  See the graphic below.


Then there is this post they also didn’t want you to see:


Folks… this is a hot mess !  The pending Collins 50-million dollar lawsuit, coupled with Mr. Samblis’s seemingly endless string of bad decision after bad decision, and the fact that Mr. Samblis doesn’t seem to learn from his past actions, and seems unwilling to hire someone with the skills and professionalism to begin a rebuilding effort .. all add up to very little, if any, hope that anything good will come of this company.

It’s a shame really, because with the right leadership, this company could do very well given time.  The broadcasting concept of delivering entertaining content to the viewers using the technological advances of late and future, is a sound one.  One that could be very profitable very quickly given the right leadership.  Perhaps, in time, if/when Mr. Collins takes his company public, his might be the company to invest in.  Most investors were overjoyed when the Collins/Samblis partnership was announced, because many saw the potential of what Mr. Collins brought to the table.  Say what you will about Mr. Collins, its very doubtful you will ever see pictures of him in a bar with what appears to be him engaging in a lap dance.  As we posted here, and as can be seen above, there are many differences between the two men.  The full story of the breakup has yet to air, but something tells us Mr. Collins is not the bad guy Mr. Samblis makes him out to be, based on some of the decisions and actions Mr. Samblis has taken since the breakup.

So… you decide… has Mr. Samblis “screwed the pooch” or not ???   Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment using the “Leave a Comment”  function at the top-right of this post.  Unlike Investors Hangout, your thoughts will not be deleted !


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