He resurfaces ???

CVeradero !  SO… let’s see a show of hands… is there anyone, ANYONE, who believes this is NOT Mr. Steven M. Samblis, CEO of Imagination TV ???

Looking…… looking….. looking… nope, don’t see any hands !

If you should have any doubts… go back and look at the content, context, word selection, and overall writing style of any of these aliases – mrighttrade, dotd, zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, and HouseSmith.  Look at the posts, look at the content.  Who else would come on a message board that for several years has been nothing but negative (and many would say rightfully so) towards Mr. Samblis and his company.  Who else would come on a message board and promote a stock that has not sold a single share in quite a while, AND… is currently sitting at a PPS of .000001 (yes folks, that’s 5 zero’s and a 1.  Additionally, the company has not reported ANY revenue in almost 2-years, after having been in business for over 10-years – AND… has done 4-reverse splits (2 within one year in 2014).


Mr. CVeradero asks in this post below for proof of lies.  Well… this subject has been addressed previously.  See our post here.  This is a post where we detail, WITH documentation, the many lies Mr. Samblis has told.  (BTW… it was the SunTzueyes alias mentioned above that asked the same question previously).

SamblisNewAlias_2Folks, read the posts of the aliases listed above and decide for yourself who Mr. CVeradero really is.  It is more than likely, given the epic fall of the PPS, that message boards will soon see many strange aliases showing up to pump the stock.  The PPS has been SO low for such a long time, it’s likely more funds will be needed to pay the CEO the hefty salary he has provided for himself in his employment contract.

Folks… do your Due-Diligence and research this company, and this CEO.  There is no shortage of information with a simple Google search.  As they say, talk is cheap, but facts and documents don’t lie !  Who are you going to believe, someone on a message board, or, your lying eyes when you see the documentation !

Now… sure as the sun will come up tomorrow… Mr. CVeradero will be back on the message board attempting to shoot-the-messenger of anyone who presents facts and documents.  It’s the oldest tactic in the books… if you can’t rebut the message – shoot the messenger.   Try to distract the reader, and convince the reader that the  messenger is to blame.  Once these types start to shoot the messenger, you can assume if the message were invalid, they would be proving why.

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