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So… according to the hhi3 post over on Investors Hub, Mr. Samblis called this one-time loyal and apparently significant investor… and as a result of that call, the poster states he has ceased posting his opinions about IMTV and Mr. Steven Samblis.  MilesBlue42, in a later post, rightfully asks the question… was this call of a threatening nature.  Common sense would conclude it must have been.  Here’s the facts… the investor was a supporter, then due to the actions of the CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis (i.e. reverse split after reverse split, and PPS dropping to point zero zero zero worthless), the investor apparently became disillusioned and had been voicing his opinion about the loss of his investment as a result of the bad decisions of the CEO.  Not unlike many many others.

This situation begs the question… what kind of CEO calls an investor at his home and, apparently, threatens him into ceasing to voice his opinion?  This situation appears to be the height of hypocrisy.  Mr. Samblis appears to like the idea of free speech when it applies to HIS free speech, as he has been fond of calling Larry (and others) just about every name in the book.  However, according to the hhi3 post, Mr. Samblis “doesn’t like to be called names“.  Many would say… when Mr. Samblis is responsible for the loss of their hard earned investment… he earned it.

hhi3, like Friends, and many others, were avid supporters of Mr. Samblis and his efforts… but things changed.  Investors believed bad and irresponsible decisions were made by Mr. Samblis that caused the company to crumble (and along with it, their investment), and, they began to voice their opinions about such.   As we have illustrated within this blog numerous times before, Mr. Samblis will attack the messenger when he doesn’t like the message.  Many use this tactic to distract from addressing the message.  Readers have seen the time and energy Mr. Samblis has devoted to attacking Larry and the Friends websites.  So much time devoted to attacking the messenger, and nothing devoted to addressing the message.

This shooting the messenger tactic, we believe, is part of Mr. Samblis’s personality.  For many of these types, the urge is instinctive, and uncontrollable.  We believe, the arrogance, and urge to be liked, is so strong in these types that they can not accept the reality that they are responsible for their own actions, hence these types frequently place blame on others for their situation.  It is inconceivable to them that they could ever be responsible for their situation, so it must be the actions of those that would speak ill of them and therefore they must be destroyed.  Readers have seen the lengths Mr. Samblis has gone to in his effort to shoot the messenger for voicing their opinion of him.

So… readers knowing the lengths Mr. Samblis will go to in order to silence his critics, it appears to be a reasonable conclusion, based on Mr. Samblis’s well documented history, that the call to hhi3 was threatening.

Apparently, according to Mr. Samblis, free speech is only a one-way street, and he has the right-of-way.

Folks, as always, read the information that is easily obtained with a simple Google search, and decide for yourself if the message is valid.  Also, read what Mr. Samblis writes (he is quite the prolific writer), and see how much time he devotes to addressing the message, and how much time he devotes to attacking anyone that would dare to post accurate and factual information which is unfavorable to him and his efforts.  See if he devotes any time whatsoever to accepting responsibility for his actions as CEO for the company’s downfall.  You may just discover that the vast majority of the negative information available about Mr. Samblis is accurate, and well supported by independent sources.    Look back through this blog… you will see that we were avid supporters also, at one time.  We have not removed any of the very favorable early posts.  You can follow the transition from supporter to realist, and we supply documentation and independent sources to support our  conclusions and opinions.  To borrow a well used phrase… we report – you decide!

And BTW… what’s with the IC Places website?  Looks like it’s been abandoned.

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