Imagination TV… same actors – different movie !

Yes folks… IC Places, Inc. CEO Steven Samblis has changed the name of the company AGAIN !  The below post sums the move up best…


You can put new tires on your car, but if it has frame damage and needs an alignment… the tires will still wear just the same !   Although the company name has changed, and the ticker symbol will change… it’s still the same CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis.   Like they say… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome, is simply insanity.

If you care to check out the company’s new website, here is a graphic of Imagination Television.  Link here.


Oh… wait… that’s the REAL Imagination TV that has been in business for over 10-years.  Wait… what… did Mr. Samblis hijack the name of the REAL Imagination TV?  If so, that’s not using his “Imagination”, that’s… well, something else.

Folks… don’t be fooled.  This appears to be an attempt to throw some new paint on that old junker with frame damage.  You can reliably predict the tires will be bald just a fast as the last set.  Maybe its time to get a new ride.  Something with some class, some speed, some luxury, and most of all… good looks !  After all… bald tires just don’t look good !

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