Launch delayed… who’s surprised ???

Once again, post after post by Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media stating the launch was on schedule and that there would be no delays… only to find out (just hours before the launch) that the launch is in fact delayed for over a month (this time till October 29th).  There appeared to be some good news in the notification, however the bad news far outweighed any good news.

Does anyone think Mr. Samblis just found out he couldn’t make the much publicized launch date tonight???  Its decisions like this that cause many to question Mr. Samblis’s creditability.  Can investors depend on Mr. Samblis to tell you the truth?  It appears not !

So… Mr. Samblis has insisted many times, just as he did about the launch date being on schedule, that there would be no Reverse Split.  Is that the next bombshell to drop???  If Mr. Samblis misled investors on the launch… can he be trusted on the Reverse Split statements???

When people take off the rose colored blinders, they can see that actions like this is why the PPS is circling the drain.  That is unlikely to change until the actions of this CEO change.  The reason given for the delay is so that more programs can be added to the roster.  Can Mr. Samblis be trusted to think that is the real reason?

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