Mr. Steven Samblis… EXPOSED !

Folks… there are some EXCELLENT posts over on Investors Hub that lay out the raw details of what many would call the fraud perpetrated on his investors by Mr. Steve Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc. who’s stock ticker is PNCH.

Posters Milesblue42 and meadow2009 have posted some very straight forward and significant questions about the IC Places, Inc operation, and calls into question the actions of the CEO Mr. Steven Samblis.

A few of the posts are here, here, here, and here, however there are others.  Please take a few minutes to review their posts.  But the most important aspect of their hard-hitting questions is… there has been NO rebuttal or response from Mr. Samblis.

Gentlemen…  keep up the good work.  Thank you for taking the time to present your questions and thoughts in a straight forward  and thoughtful manor.

Readers of their posts are reminded that many of their questions rise from the information contained in the SEC public filings.  These are legal filings supposedly accurately outlining the IC Places, Inc.’s operations.  Filing these documents with the knowledge that the information contained within them is not accurate, and/or the willful omission of information that could significantly affect the health and future of the business that investors deserve to know when making investment decisions, is about as serious as it gets.  If in fact this information has been knowingly falsified, (as several important aspects of such have been documented right here in this blog, such as Mr. Samblis’s employment contract, legal proceedings, and the departure of the previous President), Mr. Samblis appears to be thumbing his nose at the enforcement powers of the SEC.  And this from a man that has previously been the subject of enforcement action.


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