New investment strategy discovered… GUESSING !


Who knew?  Could it be true that Warren Buffet has been keeping this “Guessing”  investment strategy a secret all this time?  Investors worldwide need to hear this new strategy !  AND… the best part is, this strategy is justified by the theory of “all I can lose is 100% of my investment”.  WOW… just incredible !

Folks… you just can’t make this stuff up!  As insane as the above sounds, there are those who come on investment boards and profess such garbage, apparently in order to convince others to buy shares in worthless stocks.  One wonders if they actually believe such garbage.  Or… are they unscrupulous individuals attempting to pump a stock for their own personal gain, and don’t give a dam about other investors.  Perhaps they made a really bad decision to buy a ton of a worthless stock based on inaccurate and misleading information by CEO’s who come on message boards disguised as knowledgeable and enthusiastic investors touting how great the company and CEO is.

Fortunately, there are many who have first-hand experience with the IMTV stock, and, the CEO Mr. Steven Samblis who owns the company.  Fortunately, the world now has Google to easily search for creditable information about such.  These two sources alone can save many investors from making the same incredibly ill-informed decision that some of late have made.  Apparently they followed the investment strategy of Guessing.

Folks, with the volumes of information available with a simple Google search… WHY would anyone need to guess about something so precious as your hard earned money?

Now, the same group of individuals apparently subscribing to the Guessing concept of investing, suggest that NONE of the previous well-documented history of IMTV, as well as the history of the CEO Mr. Steven Samblis, have anything to do with the “new” CEO of the company, Mr. Joseph Sirianni.  Well… are you going to believe some ill-informed Guesser on a message board… or your lying eyes?

Folks… the history is ALWAYS important !  It’s critically important that you know the history of Mr. Steven Samblis before you jump to the conclusion that there was in fact a “sale” of the company to Mr. Joseph Sirianni.  The “sale” is the central aspect of the above mentioned investors beliefs… and it very well may be incorrect.  In order to make an informed decision on the validity of this central (and very critical) aspect of a “sale”, you must know the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  Is he creditable and believable ???  If not, how can you trust ANYTHING surrounding his actions?

The very first thing you should do is read the Contract of Sale.  Oh wait… it was a “Private Transaction”, and, the document was not released to the investing public, or, filed with the SEC. WHY ???   MAJOR Red Flag !!!

WHAT IF… the “sale” was really not a sale at all.  WHAT IF… Mr. Samblis still owns the company, and simply installed Mr. Joseph Sirianni as a puppet figurehead to walk the company through a “re-branding”.   Many believe this is not only possible, they believe it’s most likely.  WHY do they believe this… because they did their research.  They are very familiar with the history of Mr. Steven Samblis.  They know how he operates, based on documented historical documents, and yes, personal experience.  Historical documents, and personal experience, have proven to be VERY reliable in predicting the future.  Is it 100% reliable… no, but is it 100% accurate… YES!  With those odds, do you really want to take a chance at “losing 100% of your investment”?  Some say yes, like the folks that think Guessing” as an investment strategy is a good strategy.  But many others say why take a chance with Guessing when there are so many other investments where the odds are far better.

Many investors would agree that if the company really was sold, and Mr. Steven Samblis was no longer involved in any way, then maybe, just maybe, there might be a chance something good might happen.  However one needs to disregard the VAST amount of history of Mr. Samblis’s actions with misinformation and misleading statements in order to believe there was in fact a sale.  No sale, and all other assumptions (and guesses) go right out the window.

Folks… don’t buy into the hype without first doing your research on Mr. Steven Samblis.  You may find yourself coming on a message board misleadingly pumping a stock, just so you can recover some part of your worthless investment.

“Guessing” as an investment strategy, without a shred of research, is the definition of insanity.  If you have 100% of your investment to throw away… why not find a good charity and donate the money to a worthy cause.  Donating to some unscrupulous CEO is not the best use of your available funds.

Good luck to all those who subscribe to the “Guessing” theory of investing.

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