On YOUR dime !

(we downloaded the page in case it gets deleted for some arbitrary reason)

UPDATE: 11/4/2013 – Just as we had suspected… the post was deleted.  Well here is a link that has the pictures posted, and we suspect it will not be deleted:

So there is the CEO of IC Punch Media, Mr. Steven Samblis, living the high life on the investor’s dime, or more accurately, investors thousands of dollars.  His company’s stock price is sitting at .0002 and he looks real concerned doesn’t he.

Looks like IC Punch Media is simply the vehicle that allows Mr. Samblis to hob-knob with the Hollywood wannabe’s.  Some say he keeps the company going, and works so hard because he cares about the investors.  Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself where Mr. Samblis’s focus is at, and where he devotes his energies toward.  Without IC Punch Media, his pickup line of… hey ladies, I own a broadcast company and I can make you a star, couldn’t be used.  Mr. Samblis NEEDS the company to maintain his lifestyle, and to impress the ladies.  VU Television Network is not going anywhere, until and unless a better meal ticket comes along !

Just add these picture to the pile of red flags already there.  The pile is so tall you likely can’t see over it.


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