Only 70-mil to satisfy the judgement…

Well, it appears Mr. Steven Samblis is still in a bit of a pickle.  Apparently he will need to move a little over 70-million shares of IMTV stock to satisfy the legal judgement against him.  At least as of July 15, 2016 it appears the debt still has not been satisfied.  We first reported on this here.  Full case history here.

Samblis_Judgement_2And remember… perhaps this debt is still outstanding also.  If Mr. Samblis can’t pay the 7k from above, its unlikely this dept is paid.  See the details here.

WOW… what a track record in business after 10-years of effort, and what appears to be millions run through the public company.  And now it appears investors are left holding the bag via a “Private Transaction” that left no details as to the terms of the deal struck.  If any money changed hands as a result of this “Private Transaction”… it appears investors saw none of it.  Many say SCAM.

Potential investors BEWARE.  Do you homework first.  With a track record like Mr. Samblis’s, no telling what’s going on behind the curtain.  Best to do your own research into Mr. Samblis’s history, in an effort to make a judgement call on his honesty and integrity regarding the “Private Transaction”…AKA sale.

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