PNCH PPS circling the drain !

Yes… its sad, but PNCH PPS is down today… way down at .0026, from a gap-down this morning.   However, there was a slight bright spot, it held its own throughout most of the day.   The PPS is back to its consistent lows of February now.   Will it go lower… its likely to go lower if this ownership turmoil is not settled soon.

There is a lot of news, such as CEO posts and open letters from Mr. Collins (you can follow most of it on our website in the News section here)… however there is really no news, at least the kind of news everyone is looking for, namely the kind of news that indicates this dispute is settled. 

Since this is a legal matter now, it will likely take some time before its settled.  We just hope the PPS can hold out that long.  The PPS may dip into the “trips” as they call it (i.e. .000x) if there isn’t some substantial good news shortly.  If you visit the website link above, you will see some rather strong posts from Mr. Samblis, which was encouraging, but we need something definitive very shortly to save this PPS from complete disaster. 

Now, some already think this PPS is a complete disaster, however we would remind you that this is where the PPS was as recently as February of this year.  Do we like the PPS way down here, of course not, but we are confident the company will resolve these disputes and it will move forward with its business plan to become a dominate player in its field.


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