Mr. Steven Samblis, PNCH CEO, spent some time last night over on LieHub promoting his Hollywood Fast Lane “Oblivion Special”.   We have viewed the production and found it to be interesting, and well produced… we think its worth the time to watch it.

Now… having said that, we have some observations, hence the lead-in of “Priorities”.   It would appear to some that creating and producing a piece like this takes time and energy.  This piece was so well done that it begs the question… is Mr. Samblis more concerned with making movie review segments for his Hollywood Fast Lane, or, making PNCH profitable, and increasing the PPS of the stock?  One can only imagine the time involved in lining up the talent (stars, producers, etc.), then filming the segments, editing, reviewing, re-editing, etc, etc, etc.  And, no matter exactly how much time it actually did take… wouldn’t the time be better spent working on the Launch, Network startup, Press Releases, the PPS, etc., given that the PPS is currently at a 52-week low, and perhaps at or near to an all-time low?

Now, some will say… this is part of his job, and a successful Hollywood Fast Lane creates exposure for the rest of the company.  However… we didn’t see much in the way of cross-promoting to his VU Television Network.  In fact, we didn’t see anything that related the Oblivion piece to PNCH or VU Television Network, even within the credits.

In a related issue, (still related to Priorities), Mr. Steven Samblis promotes the “Jobs-behind the scenes” over on LieHub.  Why would Mr. Samblis turn to LieHub as the first place to promote his work.  The bashers over on LieHub bash him constantly 24/7/365.  Is this the best place to promote your company and/or its work???  He also promotes the “Oblivion” piece there also.  Take notice that he finally did promote the Oblivion piece  over on the Hangout some 24-hours after first promoting the Jobs piece on LieHub.  So… it can be said that when there is promoting of the company and/or its work… Mr. Samblis chooses LieHub over the Hangout.

Another observation… take a look at the “Samblis PNCH” posts over on LieHub starting with when Mr. Samblis starts promoting his work, say here.  Then a bashers posts his usual nasty/rude/disrespectful post here.   Now look at Mr. Samblis’s response here.  Now, in constrast, let’s look at a similar exchange over on the Hangout.  Mr. Samblis posts his promotional piece, then a poster responds here.  Mr. Samblis responds here.  Mr. Samblis does a follow up post here after some more back and forth.  Notice the “Listen pal” friendly opener.

Now, regardless of your opinion on the level of disrespect Maynerd’s post afforded to Mr. Samblis (certainly far less than the bashers post)… do you notice any difference in the manor Mr. Samblis treats posters on the Hangout as opposed to the hard-core bashers over on LieHub?   We feel there is a clear and unmistakable resentment towards unfavorable posts on the Hangout over those on LieHub.  It begs the question… WHY?  Where are the Priorities?

Final observation tonight… there is no doubt in our minds, and many others as well… Mr. Samblis needs to hire a public relations professional (PRP).  We doubt the very worst PRP would ever recommend responding and treating investors the way Mr. Samblis treats posters on the Hangout who ask very legitimate questions (albeit perhaps letting their frustrations surface in the wording).  Mr. Samblis can not be proud of his behavior towards these posters.  And if he is, that certainly supports and reinforces the need for a PRP.   Mr. Samblis… WHERE are your “Priorities” ?


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