Pump-o-fizzle !

Looks like after 3 days of surrogate pumping, the effort appears to have failed.  Three days ago the PPS was .0002, and today’s close was .0002.  Perhaps the message of past performance is actually sinking in to prospective investors.  We just wonder how many of the surrogate pumpers actually believe their own hype enough to actually buy the stock.  After millions have traded hands (approx $20,000. worth, which is likely all Asher shares), the PPS remains at .0002.  Pitiful showing for professional pumpers if that’s what they are.  This pitiful performance by very aggressive pumpers might just give Asher some pause the next time Mr. Samblis turns to them for more cash, which means, the cost of getting more cash from Asher will likely involve even more shares being pledged against the “loan”, as Asher realizes it’s growing harder and harder to unload those shares into the open market.  Who knows… maybe the pumpers that have showed up on the message boards lately – work for Asher !

One ironic point… has anyone familiar with the history of IMTV/PNCH looked at the performance of Mr. Joseph Collins URBT stock?  Looks like it has steadily outperformed Mr. Samblis’s IMTV stock, closing today at .0012.  That is 6-times the value of Mr. Samblis’s IMTV stock.  So… a fair question would be… who is the better CEO?  AND, notice Mr. Collins has not done ANY reverse splits of his stock (yet anyway), unlike Mr. Samblis who has done 4, and 2 of them in one year, and, doesn’t appear to have surrogates working the message boards promoting a .0002 stock as a great deal because it might go to .0003.

One thing about that pesky ole history thing… it tends to follow you everywhere you go.  Today, with research being so easy to do online, there is no reason anyone should invest in a company without doing some research on its performance history.  And in the case of Mr. Samblis… there is a substantial history trail to forecast the future with.  As they say… a leopard never changes it’s spots !

So… perhaps Mr. Samblis should swallow his pride and ask Mr. Collins to come back and help him out, certainly looks like he could use it.  Maybe with Mr. Collins aboard Asher can reduce the “vig” a little on the next “loan”.  Also, maybe Mr. Collins can help Mr. Samblis advert, what appears to be, an inevitable 5th reverse split.

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