Samblis makes ridiculous offer…

The lawsuit (BC692996) against Mr. Steven Samblis is on-going.  It is winding its way through the court system.  In a Declaration of Defendant (dated 1/25/2020), Mr. Steven Samblis claims (among other questionable assertions) that he is essentially broke and can not find a lawyer to defend him in this case at a price he can afford to pay.  After all, the last legal representation (himself) did not go so well (he got Sanctioned by the court). 

In this Declaration he is offering $3000.00 to settle the case.  Three thousand dollars to settle a 60-thousand dollar lawsuit !  In many folk’s opinion that is not even anywhere close to a reasonable or sincere offer to settle. (see the document below – click for full document)


In the Declaration Mr. Steven Samblis states he has “no steady income” and is basically indigent.  However… what happened to the 18.7 million dollar IPO of his company ENVISON MEDIA PARTNERS, INC. ???  Is this how Mr. Steven Samblis defines his income as not-steady ???  (see the full SEC document here)

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 New Court date: 1/27/2021



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