Samblis represents self… then is sanctioned by the court !

Yes folks… the legal action against Steven M. Samblis has taken a new turn.  The case (BC692996 in Los Angeles Court, and the summary details can be seen HERE.)… has had some activity, and the new trial date is November 13, 2019.  More case details HERE.

But the most significant activity is that Mr. Samblis’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw from representing Mr. Samblis. (doc HERE)  Then, Mr. Samblis advises the court that he will be representing himself in all case related actions.   What’s that old saying… a client that represents himself has a fool for a client???

So… in Mr. Samblis’s representation of himself… he manages to get sanctioned by the court to the tune of $2,310 !!!  Yes folks… the court fined him $2,310 dollars for failing to respond appropriately to court requests.  WOW !!!!  Court sanctions are rare, and reserved for the most egregious of violations… but Mr. Samblis manages to acquire one.  (see the court order HERE)  Note also that Mr. Steven Samblis needs to pay this amount to the plaintiff’s attorney by October 30th AND respond correctly as he should of within the first request.

So, on top of likely being on the hook for 60k if he loses the lawsuit, he has to pay an additional 2.310 for being a lousy attorney.  If he can’t follow court orders, its questionable how well he will be able to defend himself in court on the initial case.

The NEW trial date is now set for (Ongoing).  Check back here around that time for further details.  We will keep you informed.

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