Samblis… shooting the messenger… AGAIN !

Yes folks, yet again Mr. Steven M. Samblis spends his time shooting the messenger instead of addressing the issues.  Mr. Samblis apparently has enough free time on his hands that he can create tumbler posts where he attacks the messenger, but not one word of it addresses the very important issues and questions on investors minds.  Apparently Mr. Samblis is an expert at shooting messengers, but running a company, well, not so much.

So, the issue in the forefront of most investors minds is… Mr. Samblis’s supposed exit from the public company.  There are some who believe he really has sold, and/or left the company.  While most others are not buying it at all.   So… apparently in an effort to put all the speculation to rest, Mr. Samblis creates his most vehement denial to date, stating that he is no longer affiliated with the company.  See the post here.  Yes, the post is laden with personal attacks (shooting the messengers), but none the less, its the most direct, to the point, denial that he is still involved.  That ends the controversy, right?  Well, not so fast.

Mr. Samblis DELETES the post only hours after posting it.  With the controversy so intense, coupled with  Mr. Samblis’s strong denial… WHY would he delete it ???  He surely didn’t remove it because he was remorseful he attacked his detractors, he continues to do so in his most recent tumble post.

Additionally… when Mr. Samblis discovers that Friends has captured the deleted post and made it available for readers… we get nasty emails ordering us to remove the link to the post.  WHY is Mr. Samblis so upset that the post is being made available? ( Here are the emails Mr. Samblis sent to Larry regarding availability of the deleted post.)  This is Mr. Samblis’s strongest denial to date, and he not only deletes the post, but gets angry when it is still available for folks to see.  WHY ?

Not only do we get nasty emails (do most CEO’s write emails like this?) Mr. Samblis then files a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaint.  Of course, as you can see, this complaint was denied (as were his numerous other complaints also).  (See the complaintt here.)   And, by the way, for those of you new to IMTV, here is a link to details where Mr. Samblis attempted, and failed, to steal our sites from us.  Once again, Mr. Samblis was defeated in his efforts.

So… investors must be asking themselves… WHY does Mr. Samblis so vehemently deny his involvement with IMTV, then delete the post, AND take extraordinary actions to keep it from the public ?   Does Mr. Samblis address this in his most recent rant where he once again attempts to shoot the messenger?  No – he does not.  WHY ?

Mr. Samblis wines in his latest rant about his lost “business deals, relationships, and friendships“, but fails to mention that those folks he speaks about have minds of their own.  They likely have read the material available on the internet about Mr. Samblis, and made their own minds up based on the facts.  The facts are there, the reader makes up their own minds to believe the facts or not.  It is hard to argue the information is all lies, when the documents are there for all to see.  Mr. Samblis has had ample opportunity to address these “lies” as he calls them, but does he do it… NO !  He rather attempts to shoot the messenger.  He thinks that is a better tactic then addressing the facts head on.

Another question… WHY, if there really is a new owner, has he not presented himself, and defended his new company?  Mr. Joseph Collins wasn’t timid about stepping up after his appointment as President.   Ask youself… if you just bought a company, and folks were saying the old CEO (who many dislike) was still calling the shots… wouldn’t you put out a press release ASAP !   Wouldn’t you make EVERY attempt to dispel the rumors?

Yes… “Guessing is fun”, but when it comes to investing your hard earned dollars, get the facts !  The facts are available with a simple Google search.  Read the material, and YOU make the decision if the available material on Mr. Steven M. Samblis is accurate and believable or not.

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