Samblis sued again !!!

Well folks… if you are a follower of this blog you will not find it surprising that it appears Mr. Steven Samblis has been sued again, apparently for his unscrupulous business tactics.  The stated reason for the legal action against Mr. Steven Samblis… “Contractual Fraud“.    The Case Number: BC692996 in Los Angeles Court, and the summary details can be seen HERE.

Apparently, Mr. Steven Samblis entered into a contract  to provide content for Mr. Samblis’s business, known as Cinema Buzz, Inc, which later changed to Killer Buzz Media, Inc (Killer Buzz).  According to the documents, Mr. Samblis agreed to pay the plaintiff $60,000.00 (in 12 equal monthly installments) to provide content for his website Cinema Buzz, or aka Killer Buzz, of which Mr. Samblis only paid the first installment of $5,000.00.  Sound familiar ???

Then, apparently Mr. Samblis asked the court to dismiss the case on the grounds that Mr. Samblis was personally insulated (i.e. not legally responsible) for any actions of the “corporation”.  As you can see HERE, the plaintiff’s attorney makes a good case for why the action should proceed, however Mr. Samblis’s attorney was successful at temporarily derailing the action.  It appears that although the action was temporarily derailed, the court allowed time for the plaintiff to refile the case with amended language.  See ruling HERE.  The case will very likely be refiled.  Stay tuned for more updates.

So… it seems as though Mr. Samblis has some difficulties following through on his agreements.  We wrote about  other such instances HERE,  and HERE.  Most will agree… 3 times makes a definite pattern.  Folks doing any business with Mr. Steven Samblis might want to review the documentation listed on this site before entering into any business deals with Mr. Samblis…. just suggesting.

UPDATE:  Case back on track, and scheduled to be heard on October 16, 2019.

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