Samblis to sue ClearVision…

WOW… what a hot mess this Steven Samblis situation is !   Yes folks, Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of ImaginationTV (previously IC Places, Inc) now states in a public press release ( here ) that he has retained the Law Office of Greg Loomis for the “preservation” of Imagination TV’s rights under a written Content Agreement entered into on March 12, 2012 with ConnectiVISION / ClearVision Networks. 

Wait… what ???  Preservation of rights ???  Doesn’t a written legally binding contract do that?  Could he mean “enforce” his rights?  Are they using a play on words again in an attempt to entice shareholders, and more importantly potential investors, to have an increased level of confidence that revenue is at hand?  Well, that’s for you to judge, but based on Mr. Samblis’s business history, we suggest you research Mr. Samblis’s many previous press releases prior to making your final decision.  It also wouldn’t hurt to read through a few previous posts on this blog  for more information related to Mr. Sambli’s integrity.  The “search” function at the top of the page comes in handy when searching for previously posted information.

In another matter related to Mr. Samblis… it appears that after a period of silence Mr. Samblis made an appearance on a message board dedicated to matters related to Mr. Collins, and what appears to be his new public company Urban Television Network ( link to board here), trading under the ticker symbol URBT.

In an ironic twist of events, it appears Mr. Samblis makes no attempt to disguise his real identity… but gets the boot anyway.  (click to enlarge)


After 3 posts, he get the boot.  Reason is unknown, however it would be a reasonable assumption that it may have something to do with his previous online message board activity.

Now, in his first post (shown below, or available here) Mr. Samblis states that Mr. Collins “by lying to the public in fake press releases saying he was now CEO and Chairman of the company when in fact he was not.”  Well… it would appear, if one believes their lying eyes, that Mr. Collins was acting on the provisions in his contract of sale.  Complete details are listed here and here.

Samblis_2014_URBT_1 You will also find information related to Mr. Samblis’s assertion that Mr. Collins had a copy of the Samblis Employment Contract prior to the sale.  You will see in the documentation listed that the employment contract was not listed in the SEC filings (prior to Mr. Collins pointing that fact out), so, it is reasonable to believe that if Mr. Samblis did not disclose such to the SEC, that he gave a copy to Mr. Collins?   It’s possible, but any reasonable person would likely conclude he did not.

So… after multiple reverse stock splits (effectively wiping out the investments of scores of investors), a few company name changes, multiple promotion efforts, and multiple public press releases… the stock now sits at .008 as we write this post.  AND… the current PPS comes just 2 days after a massive promotional effort (details here).

PNCHD_NewslettersSo folks… the saga continues…

Never a dull day with Mr. Samblis.

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