Samblis Uncooperative in court proceedings !

First off, a new trial date has been set due to the Covid-19 scare.  The new trial date is 1/27/2021.

However, there has been some developments.  The Plaintiff (his attorney) filed a motion (or notice to the court) called a Declaration.  In the notice it states that Mr. Steven Samblis has been, in short, uncooperative in these proceedings.  See the substance of the notice below, and click on the image to reveal the complete document.

Shocker alert… Mr. Steven Samblis has not paid the court-ordered sanctions he was ordered to pay (see document HERE).  As can be seen in the document he was ordered to pay $2,310.00 to the Plaintiff.  As of 3/26/2020 he has not paid.

Additionally, Plaintiff declares Mr. Steven Samblis “has been harassing and disrespectful to Plaintiff counsels and office staff“.   And, “Defendant has taken every opportunity to be evasive, delay, harass, burden and financially burden Plaintiff and his counsels.”  Some might say… this is true Samblis behavior.   Those familiar with previous actions of Mr. Steven Samblis have seen this previously as CEO of the companies they invested in and followed.  Such behavior has been well documented in this blog.

So… Mr. Steven Samblis gets a small reprieve until the new year.  The wheels of justice can sometimes move slowly… but they do move.  Stay tuned.

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