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Samblis sued again !!!

Well folks… if you are a follower of this blog you will not find it surprising that it appears Mr. Steven Samblis has been sued again, apparently for his unscrupulous business tactics.  The stated reason for the legal action against Mr. Steven Samblis… “Contractual Fraud“.    The Case Number: BC692996 in Los Angeles Court, and…


11.5 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/17

Yes folks… you read that right… over 11 BILLION shares sold since 1/1/2017.  AND… the PPS is at a whopping .0004 !!!  But hey… that’s just those in the know scooping up shares because they know something BIG is about to happen, right? But wait… according to the OTC (see below (click to enlarge)), the…


IMTV… who’s really in charge ???

Folks, it’s up to you what to believe.  Only YOU can make that decision. There has been speculation even since the “Private Transaction” that Mr. Steven Samblis is still in charge of IMTV.  Many believe that Mr. Joseph Sirianni is simply a figurehead that has been installed to remove the negative connotations of the past…


Debilitating debt, and…

Some on the message boards are saying to the bag holders… just hang on, and when this company starts showing revenue… to the moon the PPS will go, and you will be a millionaire.  Yup… as a savvy investor, anonymous posters on a message board is just where you should be getting your investment advice…


Yet another worthless press release !

Yes folks, we just wrote about this last night, and here is the latest example of such.  The press release is here.  Please take a look at it.  Here is an excerpt: First, I know that shareholders are concerned about the Company’s debt existing prior to me coming aboard and this is a Company priority….