“The PUMP”… fizzle foshizzle !

Yes folks… the “pump”, and subsequent dump… came and went today, with a little over 32-million shares traded, there was NO PPS increase.  The PPS did get up to .0015 very early in the day, however then the dumping started, and the PPS fell pretty much most of the day.  A VERY poor showing for all the professional pumping the preceded the dismal outcome of the efforts.

Those familiar with the tactics of this CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis, knew full well what was in store when all the new posters arrived on Investors Hub.  You have to hand it to them, they tried their best, and for many stocks it may have worked… but with this one they were doomed before they started.  You can put all the lipstick you want on this one, but if ti looks like a pig, walks like a pig, and trades like a pig… it must be a pig.

What’s sad is that there were likely inexperienced traders viewing this ticker for the first time as a result of the pumping… and although they may have not chose to join the discussion, they likely lost money today.  And those that may have made a few bucks should feel very lucky they were able to unload their shares in time to avoid a loss.  Those that have experience with this company, and CEO, Mr. Steven Samblis, knew enough to simply stay away.  Although the intent is buy low and sell high… sellers have to compete with the likes of Asher and company who have paid next to nothing for their shares.  They can sell way under all other buyers… and STILL make a profit.  It’s a shame there are those that have no compassion for the inexperienced investor that they would selfishly pump the stock so they can make a buck.  To many, that type of behavior is right in line with what the CEO has been accused of.   But, its a different world today.  Some people would steal from the church offering and sleep just fine at night.  Apparently Mr. Samblis feels no remorse for all the financial loss he is responsible for.

Folks, just be careful if you are going to attempt to play with this ticker.  You would likely have better odds of making money if you went to the casinos and played the slots… and we all know the odds of winning at the slots.  You may think you are buying low but if the PPS increases, will you be able to unload those shares without a loss.  Remember, you will be competing for buyers with those that have paid FAR LESS then you did, and they have far more shares to unload.  Even if you were to be one of the lucky ones who make a couple of bucks… is the amount you could possibly make, worth the risk of a more likely loss.   Take a few minutes and do some research on this company, and its history.  Its history of generating revenue, its history of reverse splits, its history of changing business directions frequently, its history of never being profitable, its history of failed projects, its history of the CEO and his unprofessional actions, and now… its history of pumps and dumps.

There is plenty of information on this company and its CEO Mr. Steven Samblis, and it’s only a simple Google search away.  Take five minutes and learn the history.

Edmund Burke said… “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” 


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