Turning lemons into lemonade !

WOW !!!  Gotta hand it to Samblis… he did it again.  In spite of tons of evidence indicating KHudson is Mr. Steven Samblis, he has managed to fool some into buying more shares, in spite of tons of evidence indicating Mr. Steven Samblis is still involved in IMTV.

Although he has to share some credit with the scummy pumpers that assisted in luring the low-information buyer into the deception.  However, no one forced them to hit the buy button, so they are as much to blame as the deceivers.  The unfortunate, but beneficial aspect of these new marks is they will now be added to the scores of those that went before them.  They will show up on the boards soon repeating what others before them have repeated,  i.e. stay away from this one.

Well… it’s time for a “told you so !”.  There was tons of information for those new buyers to read, but as they say… you can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make them drink.

Perhaps, soon, Mr. Samblis will get a visit from the IRS and or the SEC regarding his current and previous actions as CEO.  But then again, maybe Mr. Samblis has outsmarted them.  If he can find new buyers for IMTV stock, maybe he CAN outsmart the IRS and SEC.  Time will tell.

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