10 more airports in 2013 !

Via a new release here,  ClearVision has already launched at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, and it’s expected to air in 10 more airports by the end of 2013.  And as you may know, PNCH has an affiliation with CVDN to provide content for airing on airport monitor networks.  This is a captive audience, with time ( sometimes hours) on their hands just waiting for their flight to board. Check out the key demographics here.

Clear Vision brings together news and entertainment programming, as well as customized sports and music, from over 150 content providers including  Corporate Profile, CBS, NBCUniversal, ABC and many more content partners from genres of Television, Film, Sports and Music. [ and of course PNCH ] – ( See here, at lower left )

This is great news.  Just imagine the potential viewership of those folks waiting to board airplanes across 12 airports.  We are talking millions and millions of potential viewers.


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