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Folks… this is an excellent post by MilesBlue42 over on Investors Hub.  (click graphic to take you to the post).  MilesBlue simply nails it !  He exposes the truth about Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of Imagination TV (IMTV).  MilesBlue42 better be careful, for if he tells too much truth about Mr. Steven Samblis, he too may get labeled a “Cyber-Stalker”.

MilesBlue42Post_101015bHere is the opening passage from the liked “Spotting a Con Artist” article Miles cites:

SpottingConArtiistsSound like anyone you know?

Mr. Steven Samblis, opps, we mean Mr. QueFine, seems to know a lot about Mr. Samblis and his company in the short time he has been registered on Investors Hub.  It could be said that Mr. QueFine appears to be stalking Mr. Samblis, by doing so much research on Mr. Samblis and his company Imagination TV.  In fact as we mentioned in our last post, it appeared Mr. QueFine was lurking on Mr. Samblis’s web pages during the wee hours of the morning, hitting the refresh button every few minutes, just waiting for any new information to be posted.  However, it appears that because Mr. QueFine posts only favorable information about Mr. Samblis, it’s not stalking.  Nor does it seem concerning to Mr. Samblis that Mr. QueFine’s information is inaccurate and misleading.  It appears you only earn the coveted badge of “Stalker” if you post truthful articles, and back such up with supporting evidence.  It’s a badge Friends wears proudly !

Mr. Samblis appears to take full advantage of his rights to free speech in attacking Larry, and the many others that post accurate and supported DD.  However, Mr. Samblis would seek to deny those very same rights to anyone who speaks unfavorably of Mr. Samblis.  Most people would call that hypocritical.   Could it be that Mr. Samblis is not aware Mr. QueFine is posting inaccurate information about Mr. Samblis?

Below is an excerpt from another excellent post from MilesBlue42 – again, right on point! (click to take you to the full post)

MilesBlue42Post_101015cFolks… please be careful when reading message board posts from posters that appear to be supporting a company, stock, and CEO that bear no resemblance to a successful company, or even a company with the likelihood of any potential.   Posters like these do not have your best interest in mind.  Most times they are simply attempting to promote the company so more stock shares can be pledged to equity financiers in exchange for funds to maintain the lifestyle of the promoted company’s CEO’s.  Fortunately there are folks like MilesBlue42, and many others that post truthful information, supported by documentation and/or links, to prove the information is accurate and valid.

As we have said many times before… who you going to believe, a poster on a message board  – or your lying eyes when you see the supporting evidence !  Let the evidence be your guide !

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