Absolutely NO proof…

SO… let’s use a Samblis tactic here… there is absolutely NO proof that KHudson is NOT Mr. Steve Samblis !  However, there is plenty of evidence that he is.


Look at the above post by “KHudson”.  This is just one example of what many would call evidence of KHudson (and mrighttrade, dotd ,zurich, Bzippy,  FLWright , SunTzueyes, HouseSmith, CVeradero) being Mr. Steven Samblis.  Ask yourself… if Mr. Steven Samblis was not still involved with IMTV, WHY would KHudson come on a message board and in essence profess his love for Mr. Samblis ???

You may remember that right after Mr. Samblis filed the infamous 8K that indicated the change in leadership of IMTV, Mr. Samblis posted a long and basically an incoherent rant against those that would disbelieve Mr. Samblis’s departure from IMTV – then, he deleted the post.  See the Tumbler post here.

But again… Mr. Samblis would have you focus on what hasn’t happened yet, and ask you to ignore his long and controversial past.  In essence he is saying he is a completely changed man now, and can only make excellent decisions going forward.  People make mistakes, but they learn from them and hopefully correct such in the future, however with such an extensive history of bad decisions that Mr. Samblis has, there is now a clear and consistent pattern of bad decisions to predict the future with.

As they say…. those that ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.  That is certainly something to remember when dealing with Mr. Steven Samblis.

Again folks… do your homework before investing.

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