Bashers…its a lousy job, but…

Yes… as they say… its a lousy job, but someone has to do it.  I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to eat.  Or..  maybe, like many, they just do it to pass the time of their miserable life.  It does beg the question… if they’re not being paid to do it… then WHY are they doing it ???

There are several over on LieHub that do nothing but bash PNCH (we won’t list their aliases because they don’t deserve the notoriety, and they likely have several aliases each)    It would be easy to assume they do it because it is their job, and although it may be, we suspect they do it because they enjoy it.  Again… it begs the question… what kind of sick individual enjoys bringing harm to anyone or anything?  Do they club baby seals and burn ants in the spare time that they are not bashing PNCH?  Kinda makes you wonder, right?

OK, maybe they are just really nice people and they are looking out for the well being of perfect strangers.  Could be, right?  Just do-gooders that serf the web looking for opportunities to help perfect strangers avoid the pitfalls of investing in bad companies.  It could happen, right?   If you believe this could happen, we have this really nice bridge we would like to sell you… lol.

No matter if they are being paid, or doing it because they are short the stock, or, they just enjoy  causing harm to others… here is an excellent article that details how to spot a basher.   After reading this article you will see the tel-tail signs that these individuals incorporate in their daily (multiple times daily) posts.   After reading the article you will be able to easily distinguish a basher from someone simply giving their unbiased opinion on the company.

And if you remember only 1 thing from the article… remember “Lesson 1″… Bashers never bash a bad stock.

Enjoy the article !

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