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Yes, Mr. Steven Samblis, CEO of IC Punch Media seems to be frequenting the message boards again lately.  There were some good posts, and we will get to them in a moment (want to save the best for last), however there were some not so good posts also.  Its a subjective interpretation, but his posting frequency seems to increase leading up to the release of a quarterly report, and one is due out today or tomorrow depending on who you listen to.  Of course we should be listening to the CEO regarding the timing of the release of the quarterly report… but Mr. Samblis is not talking about that.

In one of Mr. Samblis’s less sensitive posts he responds to an investor’s question about current plans for the launch and why investors have be given little or no information, Mr. Samblis responds here, saying simply… “Because I don’t need to.”   WHAT… because you don’t need to… Mr. Samblis, have you seen the PPS lately ???  How insensitive to have stated you don’t need to keep investors informed when many, (maybe most), long-term investors are significantly under water on their investments.  The PPS is about the lowest its ever been, and Mr. Samblis says there is no need to promote the company and its achievements – a little over a month away from the biggest move the company has ever taken.  Mr. Samblis’s response is simply inexcusable and unacceptable this close to the “world launch”.

On a slightly different subject… apparently Mr. Samblis came to the Hangout board (likely because he is suspended on the LieHub board) late in the night/early morning on the 13th.  Apparently, there was some heavy discussion that transpired.  However most investors will never see the exchange between some investors and Mr. Samblis because according to one post, here, over 20 posts were deleted in a short period of time.  Now you can follow the posts regarding censorship starting with the above referenced post, but in short, readers and investors are not seeing the full story.  Even though the Hangout board was started because, in part, pro-PNCH posters were being deleted over on LieHub, they appear to be engaging in the very same censorship tactics that the board they despise engages in.  Its sad that MOD’s and Admin’s on BOTH boards are not confident enough in their facts and opinions to let opposing posts stand, and let the reader decide the post’s merits.  In essence, the persons deleting posts are deciding what you can see, and what you can’t see.  Apparently they think they know what’s best for you.  We believe… this is an insult to the readers of their boards.  Just a note… if you want to see if posts are being deleted, simply look at the post numbers (usually on the left hand side of the page) and take notice to the gaps in the numbers.  Gaps indicate deleted posts.  There is an excellent article on message boards here that is worth a few minutes of your time if you are new to message boards.

Now, as I promised, Mr. Samblis did post a few good posts.  One of the main issues the bashers like to post over on LieHub, is the issue of dilution.  Mr. Samblis has addressed this several times in the past (and we believe he can never discuss it too much) so these posts are simply consolidations of previous posts on the subject, however he did a good job setting the record straight.  See some of the posts here, here, and here.

Frankly, investors need more straight-to-the-point, matter-of-fact type posts from Mr. Samblis, and far less of the posts where he attacks the poster for asking an emotionally charged (but very valid) question.  Mr. Samblis accomplishes far more good for his company when he sees past the emotion and addresses the question being asked, in spite of it being asked in perhaps a less than perfect and respectable way.  And certainly he accomplishes far more good for the company when his answers are not deleted because of something he has directed at the poster that was less then professional.

Now we wait for the quarterly report.  No one expects it to be good, but there is anticipation none the less.  Once the quarterly report is posted… then its on to the launch, still on schedule for September 23rd. according to Mr. Samblis statements on the 12th.   Hopefully there will be no delay in the launch, however some more news surrounding the details of the launch would certainly be in order right about now.  One wonders how long Mr. Samblis is willing to let the PPS hover just above the tripps just because he doesn’t want the bashers to have any information before the launch.


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