Finally… a Press Release !

Yes folks… a formal press release has been released.  See it here.  Now, for those of you who follow the Investors Hangout message board, there is not much new in this press release that we already didn’t know.  But the great news is… the world can see the news now.

As we write this post, (10:00a), the PPS is already up almost 15%.  We hope this trend continues, however only time will tell.  The release was sometime just after market close yesterday, so it possible this morning’s bump could be current investors buying more in anticipation of an increasing PPS once the general investing public sees the article.

Now, if you’re reading this, and you do not follow the Hangout board, you might want to get on over there and read the posting activity starting around 7:00p last night.  The Q&A with the CEO started right after he posted the news (and link) of the article.  There are still unanswered questions (like we posted here), however there were some important questions Steve Samblis did answer.  Hopefully, he will continue to answer questions in order to give investors a better picture of what’s to come, and then perhaps… he might address some of the tougher questions also.

One more thing… if this is the first of many PR’s (which would be great)… we do however have some concern that the company name has not changed yet.  The press releases still tout IC Punch Media.  Perhaps its no big deal, but it seems as though the more press releases VU Media Corp.  has, using the old company name, the more PR we bring to the real Punch TV (our nemesis Joseph Collins that caused this recent turmoil).  Seems to us that the names will cause confusion among any new investors that may be interested in investing in the new (yet to be formal) VU Media Corp.

So… stay tuned… we will see how the day unfolds, and hopefully this press release is the first of many that will follow soon.



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