Incredibly UN-informed… or a paid pumper ???

Folks, take a look at this post that appeared on Investors Hub yesterday. (click to enlarge)


This person must be either incredibly UN-informed, or, some kind of plant for an upcoming pump of the stock.  With as much information that is available with a simple Google search, or, here on this site… how could anyone believe this company is anything other than a stock selling machine?

We pointed out here, that this 8K that was filed with the SEC states this was a “Private Sale“.  The poster states “Investors Hub is not stating the facts the way they should be stated“…well, there are NO facts because this was a “Private Sale“.  That means the parties involved did not want you to know what the agreement was.  Period !  ANY reasonable person would ask WHY were the terms of the sale not filed with the 8K if there is nothing to hide ???

This “sale” was over 5-months ago !  There was massive skepticism from the investment community when this “news” was released.  Mr. Samblis does not have the best reputation.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that the new management would want to distance themselves from the old management. i.e. Mr. Steven Samblis?  However, there has not been one word from this apparently phantom new CEO.  If it were YOU that just took over this company, and the investment community despised the previous owner, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to set the record straight… and quickly ???   Additionally… does anyone think Mr. Samblis just simply threw in the towel and walked away from the public company without any compensation?  Even the shell of a public company is worth something to a willing buyer seeking to get some more mileage out of a gravy train.

Folks, don’t be fooled by what appears to be either incredibility UN-informed individuals, or perhaps paid Asher staff,  trying to gin-up some renewed interest in this company.   Our last post detailed the level of debt Mr. Samblis apparently has with the outstanding legal judgements against him.  Additionally, working the math on the previous convertible debt would indicate there are still massive amounts of stock remaining to be sold in order to satisfy the loans.  All they need now is some UN-informed and highly gullible individuals to believe this ticker has potential, and boom, more free cash.

The information is available, and you have been warned, the decision is up to you if you fall for the deception.  As they say… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.  Let the buyer beware !   The sad and disgusting part is… if these posters are being paid to pump the stock… shame on them, but in the end no one forces anyone to buy the stock, so any losses that occur, its the buyer’s fault, no one else.

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