“Investorshub.com is a scam company…”

As you may have seen by the posts here, we are not fans of Investors Hub.  Having said that, the header quote was taken from a website that has even stronger views than ours.  Visit their site here.

Within the site you will see links to documents, articles and other verifiable information about Investors Hub.  A few of the links are broken, however there is extensive documentation about the company and their operations within the working links.   Please be sure to explore all the tabs at the top of the main page, as those page contain valuable information also.

Read, and judge for yourself, if you think Investors Hub, and their bashers are there to help you avoid bad companies, or, are they there to promote an agenda.  For help in spotting a basher, review this document.  Once you review the Basher Handbook, you will be able to easily spot a poster that has a hidden agenda to promote.

Remember… bashers post unsubstantiated opinions, while true and valid information contains supporting documentation to back up the statements.

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