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Well.. looks like VU Television Network finally launched today (October 29, 2013) on the FilmOn TV web network.   The quality of the picture appears to be fairly decent, however its not the quality of a good HD TV.  Certainly watchable though.  The functionality is there to “pop-out” the picture so that you can watch the content full-screen.  Its not really full-screen, however certainly better than the little square as seen below.


Content quality is up to the viewer, however certainly what we watched was able to hold our attention for a while.  Time will tell the tale here regarding the repeating of content, or content that is not able to hold one’s attention for any sustained period of time.  Overall… the VU Television Network is not bad for a start-up network.

Now… will it make any money?  That’s the big question.  To investors, nothing matters but revenue.  While we watched, and granted we did not watch for hours on end, but none the less, we saw no ads.  That could be a problem.  No ads… no revenue!  However, the network just launched and its assumed advertisers will follow… hopefully !  The lack of ads was puzzling, because we seem to remember Mr. Samblis saying, prior to the first missed launch date, that he had advertisers lined up for airing from the very beginning.  Once again, maybe the ads will be added shortly… hopefully !

Another thing that was puzzling, and concerning, was the lack of a broadcast schedule.  Perhaps it was there and we simply missed it.  A schedule could soon follow maybe.  Also, although there are several instances of the VU logo on the page, there is no VU logo inlay in the content itself.  We seem to remember there was a logo inlay into the PunchTV content when it aired.  This is not a big deal, however one would think a broadcaster would want viewers to know where the content came from in order to help them find it again if they thought the content was worth returning to later.

Overall… we are not disappointed with what we saw.  We understand this is the first day of broadcasting and improvements will likely follow soon… hopefully!  So, although its not perfect, it is indeed a glimmer of hope that maybe… just maybe, this VU thing will blossom into something.  As we posted in one of our recent posts… hope is not a plan, so we are watching closely for any glimpse of potential here.  Hopefully Mr. Samblis understands that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  It is recommended he tie up the loose ends very quickly, before the bashers poison the jury pool.

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