Its been a good week…

Maybe the PPS doesn’t reflect that its been a good week, but the multiple press releases regarding the new shows certainly do.  The bashers will call it pumping, but its just good business to tell the world what’s happening.  See the press releases here, here, here and Steve’s post here.

A reminder about bashers… they have been incredibly active lately on the topics of reverse split and dilution.   If you happen to visit the LieHub site you will see that just about every other post mentions these subjects in a negative way.  If you want to test the validity of their content, simply post a reply asking for supporting documentation of their assertion.  We predict they will either ignore your question, or they will pivot to another subject (or of course your question might get deleted as “off-topic”).  Why… because as with ALL their posts, they contain hollow scare tactics right of of the Bashers Handbook.   Their motives are clear and unmistakable… their life revolves around an attempt to ruin the company, and destroy the CEO Steven Samblis.  With most bashers its just business, however with the bashers on LieHub – its personal !  They have an obsession with Steven Samblis, and lies and distortions of the truth are simply a means to their desires.  They are going to need some serious meds once the PPS recovers and finds its true value.

OK… back to VU Television Network.  Although these new shows that were announced this week are largely unknown presently, they offer viewers an opportunity for uniqueness in programming choices.  Not everyone likes vanilla flavor ice cream, so providers of products offer choices.  When the fall arrives just watch the major network commercials for new shows.  Some of these will be hits, and some will be misses.  Some of the most watched shows on the major networks were once brand new shows, with unknown actors.  If selecting hit shows was a science… every show would be a smash hit, but its not.  As a broadcaster its trial and error, as no one knows what will be a hit and what won’t.  It remains to be seen if the management group at VU Television have chosen shows correctly.  From what’s been announced so far… we think they are on the right track.

If you are new to the stock and want to do your due-diligence, visit our website here.  There you will find tons of documentation about the company.  The page linked just above is listed in chronological order by date, with the newest content at the bottom.  Feel free to browse the other areas of the site also… we think you will find it beneficial.  Beneficial not only for the material there, but as a reference to refer back to when you think you remember something but can’t remember where you saw it, and need a link to supporting documentation.  Bookmark the site, we think you will find it a useful tool.


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