It’s the company you keep…

Well folks… ever heard the saying, you are the company you keep?   To those that may still have an open mind about the controversy over there having been a “sale” of IMTV… here is an interesting exercise in casting a huge doubt that there was ever such a “sale”.  Mr. Steven Samblis (opps, we mean KHudson) uses the term…   “prove it” frequently.  Well Mr. Samblis, if you want people to believe there really was a sale… file the “private sale” agreement with the SEC.  It’s as simple as that.  Filing that document with the SEC would put to rest, once and for all, the controversy of sale or scam.   If you’re serious about dispelling the rumors and accusations… FILE THE DOCUMENT !  i.e PROVE IT !!!  You apparently want everyone else to “prove it”… now it’s time to put up or shut up as they say !

So… back to the company you keep.  What do the names Steven Samblis, Lloyd Lapidus, Peter Messineo, Terence Byrne, and Joseph Sirianni all have in common?  Well… it appears they all know one another, and possibly have for some time.  Isn’t that an interesting group of individuals.   Each name has a link associated with it, and the link will take you to information about the individual.  All these name are listed as “In his circles”.  In fact, the page lists 119 people in his circle.  Readers may recognize other names as well.  But, view fast, as it is likely to be deleted soon (but we grabbed a copy just in case).

Now, while you’re on the GDAR site, check out a few of the “Recent News” articles, specifically this one.  The entire article (and site) are interesting given the business they are in.  Specifically GDAR states:

GDAR, organized as a Nevada Company, provides project development; medium and long-term finance solutions and investments into high growth industries that build shareholder value over a long period of time.” 

Sounds like they specialize in creative financing deals.  Maybe sort of like Asher provides “finance solutions”.  But here is the interesting text…

During the previous fiscal year the overall revenue of the two companies was in excess of $3.5 million dollars with a combined net earnings of $325,000.”

If one of these companies referenced in the LOI Press Release is IMTV… where is the money they site???  Did Mr. Steven Samblis withhold this revenue cited from Investors???

Anyway… the associations seem to be too much of a coincidence to be meaningless.  The facts are what they are, and there appears to be too many questionable associations, coupled with the “private sale” controversy, and the apparent refusal of the parties in the “Private sale” agreement to file and release the document to the SEC… leads many to conclude it’s not what they are telling you.  You have plenty of empty rhetoric by the pumpers (KHudson the biggest pumper), and then you have the facts available with a simple Google search.  Are you going to believe the pumpers… or you lying eyes ?



Connecting the scams.  (thanks to “thelionwarrior”)

Do your DD folks… it could save you money you could invest elsewhere.

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