Mr. Samblis surfaces !

Hello folks.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… a dorsal fin has been spotted.  Yes… Mr. Samblis is still around, and still surfing our sites.  HOW do we know this… see below the exchange Mr. Samblis had with Friends over some images on our sites, and his mug-shot photo.

As you may know, Mr. Samblis has apparently been spending investor funds to have his name trademarked.  Apparently he thinks his name is so valuable it needs to be trademarked.  See the application here. (use the search term Steven Samblis)

Now, the application has not been approved yet, and in our opinion it’s unlikely it will, but that hasn’t stopped Mr. Samblis from taking actions as though it were already approved.  Sort of like his press releases… he seems to believe that if he thinks it, it is real.  One only needs to look no farther then the success of his press release info to forecast the future of the Samblis name being trademarked.

Back to the contact by Mr. Samblis.  The graphic below is the email we received from Mr. Samblis.


Notice how he insists his name is trademarked.  Well here is the actual application, and status.  As you can see… the status is pending (pending public comment in opposition to granting approval).


Here is our response to his demands:


Also take note that the picture of him he refers to is the mug-shot picture.  Mr. Samblis appears to take a position that since it’s a picture of him – it’s copyrighted.  Someone should tell Mr. Samblis that the picture was taken by law enforcement, and as such was paid for by tax dollars, and therefore belongs to the public.

Additionally, as they say, once on the Internet – always on the Internet.  HERE is a Google cached copy of the page.  You may notice, Mr. Samblis has been busy trying to erase his past, and, silence his critics (Friends).  Mr. Samblis has apparently successfully had the reproduction of the page deleted by Investors Hub, and also from MugShots.com as well as Arrets.com.  However… the page lives on, and copies are available should Google decide to delete the cached page.

And finally, below, in true Samblis form, is how he ends the exchange:


 Yes… a real role model for CEO’s worldwide !  So much so his name needs to be copyrighted !   Folks… you just can’t make this stuff up.  It’s just amazing what one man can do with millions of other people’s money and an attitude, and aptitude, like Mr. Steven Samblis.

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