PNCH closed UP 3-days in a row.

The good news is PNCH closed GREEN 3-days in a row this week.  At one point it pushed through previous resistance of .0034 to reach a high of the day of .0036.  However it settled back to close right at the resistance level of .0034.  The previous .0034 resistance was set back on 2/19, which was a breakthrough of then previous [solid] resistance of .0030.  Yes, we think this is really good news.  Hopefully PNCH is starting to gain a PPS that reflects its real potential.

Some not-so-good news is still drawing the wrong kind of attention… namely the issue of SEC letters.  You can review all of the associated documents and commentary on the FAQ’s page ( @date 2/25/13) of our website.  There you will see the issue, letters, and the CEO’s comments.  The main issue for the bashers on LieHub is that although Steve stated he called, then wrote, the SEC after the 1/22/13 letter, there has been no supporting documentation posted to confirm such.  Steve commented on the issue again today here.   We must say here that it pains us to have to provide you with a link to the site that bashes the company the most, however this site appears to be the message board of choice for the CEO to post on.  A choice we have yet to understand.

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