PNCH going hyperbolic !

WOW… after last weeks almost 50% gain, PNCH was at it again today (Monday 3/11) with a 25% gain again today, closing at .0062 from a high-of-day of .0066 on over 13-million shares traded.  PNCH started this climb on February 25th. at .0028.  A respectable and admirable increase no matter how you look at it.

So… now the message boards are alive with so many “experts”.  There are the “told-ya-so” experts who predicted this increase based on the technical analysis and who knows what else.  Then there are the basher experts saying the increase is only temporary, and the PPS will “correct” next week back to trip-zero’s.  Then there are the pumper experts that say the PPS will continue its climb until at least a dollar, based on tea leaves we guess.  There are also the “longs” that have a zillion shares, and have been holding them since back in the day, who no one recognizes their alias and in fact their alias was established just a few days ago.   The list goes on and on !  There are soooooooo many experts now.

In reality, anyone who really knows PNCH knows it does not trade like normal OTC Pink stocks.  For anyone to say they know, or can predict where the PPS will be in 3-days or 3-weeks, is simply embarrassing themselves.  If all these “experts” really knew where the PPS would be in 3-days or 3-weeks, they certainly wouldn’t be on a message board telling others, they would be making millions on other stocks, or, at the very least, working for Warren Buffet.

Friends Of PNCH believes… we have no idea where the PPS will be in 3-weeks or 3-months.  What we DO know is… PunchTV is a real company, with real achievements, and a real dedicated team of individuals that are working hard to build the company and bring value to shareholders.   The financials will be out shortly, and that will be the report card for the PNCH team.  We believe the numbers will be good.  Will the numbers satisfy the bashers… you know they won’t.  No matter how large the revenue growth turns out to be, the bashers will say its not enough, or the numbers are fraudulent.

So… for those of you who are truly “longs” like the Friends of PNCH and PunchTV… sit back and enjoy the fireworks.  We have waited patiently for PNCH to find its rightful PPS, and it appears it has found its legs and is on its way.  You see… although we are unable to predict the PPS as well as the so-called “experts”… we were confident PNCH would acquire a respectable PPS in due time.  The REAL longs are smiling silently… all the way to the bank as they say !


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