Samblis – playing the victim… AGAIN !

Well folks… maybe you have seen the over 2000-word late night rant by Mr. Steven Samblis on his Tumbler page regarding how Larry-The Stalker is cyber-stalking him.

The one thing that jumped off the page for Friends, was the fact that not one word of those 2000+ words were devoted to rebutting ANY the negative information that is freely available to anyone who cares to google Steven Samblis.  Or, not one word devoted to accepting ANY responsibility for the failure of his company.  It must be tough for Mr. Samblis to accept the fact that after over 10+ years in business, and squandering millions of dollars of investor funds, his company’s stock is at point zero zero zero worthless.  His lack of attention to these issues speaks volumes to the validity of the information that has been written (and documented) about Mr. Samblis).  Once again, Mr. Steven Samblis chose to shoot the messenger, rather than address the issues.

Additionally… it was simply amazing how Mr. QueFine knew of the post almost immediately, and ran over to Investors Hub to let all those anxious IMTV supporters know of the article and post the link.  Mr. QueFine must have been sitting on Mr. Steven Samblis’s tumbler page just hitting the refresh button just in case Mr. Samblis was going to post something that night.  WOW… what a guy.

Mr. Samblis… try doing what MilesBlue42, and many others have said… stop scapegoating, and take some responsibility for your actions, and devote every waking hour to creating shareholder value.  Investors that once believed in you lost thousands of their hard earned dollars, and not once has anyone seen an apology.  Just like the investor dollars you have squandered… you have squandered your integrity in the eyes of shareholders.  Many have stopped believing in what you say, and will only accept results at this point, if you are to regain ANY integrity back (if that’s at all possible at this point).  Mr. Samblis… your late night rant was another example of you squandering your time to scapegoat.  Investors will likely be disappointed again that you didn’t use the time for a more productive use.  Your post simply made you look foolish, shameless, and desperate.

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying… He that is good for making excuses, is seldom good for anything else. 


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