Samblis “resigns” ???

So… if you believe the post Mr. Steven Samblis posted on his blog page (see below), one would think… that’s it, he’s gone !   Well folks, not so fast.


A few things to keep in mind… first and foremost… this is Mr. Samblis we’re talking about here.  Most will assume there is some sort of angle, or hidden agenda to the statement.  Many will suspect Mr. Samblis is simply hoping to quell all the negativity surrounding his company, by making an announcement he is no longer affiliated with it.   Perhaps hoping those that have been following his efforts and actions for years, will fade away and forget about him.  Then when the coast is clear, perhaps  in a few weeks or months, bam, here he comes again.

Also keep in mind, although the vague statement seems to suggest he is walking away from the public company… he still owns the majority shares of the company.  Which means… the Board of Directors (since there is, and has been, only one – Mr. Samblis himself) the “Board” could reject the offer of resignation.  OR… the Board of Directors (again, himself)  could simply hire him back at any time.  WOW… what a way to keep your options open, right?

Also keep in mind, (again, the statement was vague), it seemed to indicate he would focus on “movie reviews and interviews”.  Wait… wasn’t the Imagination TV efforts part of the public company?  How does that work… he walks away from the public company, but still focuses his efforts on one of the assets of the public company?  Wait… what ???   But, isn’t that what’s been happening for quite some time now?  Imagination TV has been in operation, and from all appearances it is likely making a few bucks… but none of those funds seemed to appear on the public company”s  financial reports.

Perhaps, if what many believe is true regarding Mr. Samblis misleading investors through the use of bogus aliases on a message board, would anyone really be surprised if Mr. Samblis installed a straw CEO in the company to be the public figurehead?  Given that Mr. Samblis is still the majority shareholder, and Mr. Samblis makes up 100% of the board of directors, such a straw CEO would be at the mercy of the Board of Directors… i.e. Mr. Samblis.  Mr. Samblis could parade the new CEO out as the savior of the company, and not have Mr. Samblis’s baggage in the limelight.  The new CEO would be free to pump the company as a fresh start, and oh yes, please by some stock now that Mr. Samblis is out of the picture.

So folks… what has really changed???  Does ANYONE really believe Mr. Samblis doesn’t have something up his sleeve???

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