The stupid con the extremely stupid !

Wow… some folks will believe anything.  “Debt restructuring”… REALLY ???  Question for all of you that think this is good news… was any debt “forgiven” ???  Even the bombastic press release didn’t say that !  In fact, the presser didn’t give many details at all, just hype designed for the brain donnors out there.

And… what about this web site???  3 Months to build a web site… that’s laughable!   This is the only aspect that might, just might, indicate Steve Samblis is not involved in the day-to-day running of the company.  Say what you may about Steve Samblis, he knew how to build a decent web site in short order.  In fact he has about a dozen or so right now.  However, until the “Private Transaction” details are released, there is nothing to prove Steve Samblis is not involved any longer.

Those of you who bought IMTV shares, or may be thinking about buying IMTV shares, you might want to read post #123263 over on Investors Hub.  It’s a breath of fresh air from all the hype from the paid pumpers who are likely working on commission from the toxic lending companies, like Asher.  Someone said a billion shares were sold in the pumps, that means there are only 60-billion more to dump.  They are paid to feed you fake news and views to entice you to buy.  They couldn’t care less if you lose your money.

Folks… do your own due-dillagence !  Don’t believe a line of B.S. some anonymous poster tells you on a message board.   Use your common sense and read what the press releases are NOT telling you.  Research the history of this company.  And until you see the terms and agreements of the “Private Transaction”, don’t for one second believe anything has changed with this company.  Even IF there is a new “CEO”, the product they sell appears to be the same…STOCK !  60-BILLION, don’t forget that !

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