Uh-Oh… here we go again – #2 !

Yes folks… here we go again.  As we reported just a little over a year ago (9/3/2015) here, Mr. Steven Samblis appeared to be having some legal issues with paying his rent.  Well, it appears that issue has not been resolved.

SamblisCase Summary_d_110815

As can be seen by the above graphic (click to enlarge), or the full document here, there appears to be a new legal action resulting from last year’s issue.  One could assume by the “Case Type”: COLLECTIONS CASE” that perhaps either Mr. Samblis failed to live up to a previous agreement, or, he is behind in his rent again.  However in what may be a bazaar twist, it appears the attorney may have some issues collecting on the debt due to failure to file proof of service, and failure to file a default judgment.  Even if this is accurate, it is unlikely to cause the collections action to be dismissed.  If Mr. Samblis owes the money, the attorney will likely refile the action with the proper documents attached.  There also appears to be a typo in the future hearings date, as it is listed as being in 2018.  Common sense would indicate the court is not that far backed up on cases that they are scheduling cases 3-years out.

Now… why is this bit of news relevant and important?  Well, if Mr. Samblis is having problems paying his rent, how could he possibly have the funds to incur the cost of filing the company’s financial reports with the SEC?  How could he possible have the funds to fulfill any of the initiatives he has touted in his recent press releases (albeit on social media venues)?  How could he possibly have the funds to fulfill launching new networks, shows, or new anything ?  Perhaps a clue resides in this excerpt from one of our previous posts here.


Mr. QueFine (many believe strongly that this is Mr. Samblis) seems to indicate that they “clearly did not have the funds to follow through” on the publicized initiatives.  Mr. Samblis might be more accurate if he started calling the initiatives touted in his press releases, ideas, rather than lead the public to believe there is a likelihood, or even a possibility, that what is being touted could ever become a reality.  Perhaps then Mr. Samblis would not have the need to delete such announcements at a later date when it has become too obvious that the touted initiative will not be coming to fruition, as detailed in the MilesBlue42 post here.

So folks… do your homework on the history and facts on this company prior to investing in such.  There is a ton of information available to you with just a simple Google search.  Take the few minutes to Google the company, or the man behind the company, Mr. Steven Samblis – you will be glad you did.

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