Up 6.6%.. we’ll take it !

Good evening.  Well, PNCH rose today a little over 6% on light volume.  It actually fell a little during the day, but the increase held somewhat from the gap-up this morning.

Today’s news is… all the chatter on the message boards.  People seem to be getting frustrated and angry.  The bashers are out in full force over on LieHub.  Its really kind of funny to watch… however its sad that so many lies are being told over there about a good company.  If you have read the Basher’s Handbook you will be able to recognize the format they use.  One basher hammers on the “dilution” angle, another one hammers on the “toxic financing” angle, while others hammer on the CEO being a “liar” angle.  They also deflect and distort the facts.  When they just can’t refute the facts, they simply change the topic. Then there is the group of freshman bashers that simply parrot what the pro’s are posting.  Then… and the most insidious type of basher…  the “passive basher”.  This is the basher that posts they are “long” in the stock, and have confidence in the company… but proceed to bash the stock, CEO, and company in general, but do it in such a passive tone as to seem genuine.  DON’T FALL FOR ANY OF THEM !!!  Do you own DD and learn the facts for yourself !!!

There are those that say… if you see this level of bashing… there MUST be a reason for it.  There is… its a good company, and stock.  Rule 101 in the Basher Handbook is… bashers don’t bash a bad stock !  Those bashers cost money to hire, and they don’t work cheap.  When you see this many bashers fan out across any and all electronic mediums available… you know their bosses are short the stock and need to drive the price down, and they need to get YOUR shares if you have any.    The level of increased activity seen lately is because they know the 10-K is due out any minute now, followed shortly thereafter by the shareholder meeting, followed by the 1st quarter results in the 10-Q report.  Its due or die for them right now.  If they can’t drive the price down far enough to make a healthy profit (which they need to pay the bashers), then their goose is cooked when the good news starts hitting the airwaves and the PPS starts to rise.

Please… don’t read those message boards and think that is all you need to do.  Read the Basher Handbook so that you can recognize the tactics they use.  Then, follow up on any data or opinions asserted on the boards.  In fact, if you are not convinced there are those that professionally bash stocks… then follow up on their posts also.  You will soon see who’s posts are more creditable.  We are confident that if you do your own follow up and research, you will see the truth for yourself.

At the risk of sounding self-serving… we suggest you visit our website for the best spot to start your research.  There you will find information that is supported by documents and links to impartial sources to verify the information you see.  But don’t stop there.  Continue to do your research.  One of the most favorite lies the bashers hammer on is, that PNCH is a “scam”.  Well… go check that out.  Go to the PunchTV website.  Do you see ads running, do you see programs airing, does it look like a scam?  Go visit our “Links” page on our website.  There you will find links to numerous sites that will verify PNCH is not a scam, and that it has a very real product, and makes very real money.  Visit our “FAQ’s”  page for news and events that have happened in the past, and for myth and basher busting documents and links.

And finally… and most importantly… visit our LieHub page.  There you will get the REAL facts on LieHub and what they are all about.  And remember… these links and documents are verifiable independent sources of information… not some anonymous poster hiding behind an alias on a message board just posting to see his name in print and posting an unsubstantiated opinion.

Protect your investment… do your research before you buy, or sell !


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