Where’s the money ???

So… investors gotta ask themselves… where’s the money coming from???  The company hasn’t shown any revenue, (let alone any profit), in well over a year, yet there appears to be plenty of money for lawyers.


Check this out… Mr. Steven M. Samblis is spending even more money on attorney fees chasing his narcissistic fantasy of his name being a trademark.  Even if it would be granted… what does that do for the company relative to revenue and profits ???   Are people going to flood his website for motivational videos because his name is trademarked ???  Sounds like this is more about his narcissistic driven ego than a quest for revenue and return on investment for investors.

Will the company ever do better than its doing when decisions like these are driving the direction of the company ???   We wonder how much of investor funds are being thrown at this effort ?  Shameful and embarrassing in our opinion.

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