Who’s kidding who ???

[UPDATED 1/16/2016… see below]

Well, most likely you have seen the Mr. Steven M. Samblis tumbler post.  The one where he appears to attempt to desperately convince readers that he no longer has anything to do with the public company( IMTV).   WHY ???

WHY does someone who states he no longer has anything to do with the company, tries so desperately to convince you (the potential investor) that he is no longer involved ???  It’s likely many others are asking the same question.    It just defies all logic.

Why would he care ?  Well… the old adage is, if something makes no logical sense – follow the money.  Oh wait… you can’t follow the money because it was a PRIVATE sale.  In other words… the parties to the contract of sale didn’t want you to know what the deal was.  Nothing suspicious about that, right?

Mr. Samblis… if you want readers to believe you have noting to do with the company… simply file the contract of sale with the SEC.  

According to the 8K, there is a contract of sale.  So Mr. Samblis, why take to a tumbler post to try so desperately to convince readers of your honesty, when the most direct route to that end would be to release the contract of sale to the SEC ?

Mr. Samblis appears very bitter and angry, in addition to desperate in the post,  trying to convince readers, once again, he is the victim. Once again, WHY would he be extremely bitter over folks thinking he is still involved ?  Logic, and common sense would tell many, it’s because he still  has something at stake regarding the public company.  Perhaps Mr. Samblis is bitter and angry that the plan to hit the reset button, has failed, like so many of his other initiatives (which were also not released to the SEC).

This tumbler post by Mr. Steven M. Samblis appears to be the strongest evidence yet that he still has some interest in the public company.  If not, WHY the “Private” sale, and WHY withhold the document from the SEC???

Mr. Samblis… you want readers to believe you – it’s simple… file the contract of sale with the SEC !  IMTV was (and is) a public company at the time of the “sale” – the contract should be made public.  You owned the company, you are a party to the contract, you can file it. 

 UPDATE: Well, that post didn’t last long.  As Mr. Samblis frequently does, he creates posts, or makes statements, such as the $192,000 per airport statement he made in the Stock Traders Radio broadcast, or the arrest page at MugShots.com, and others too numerous to list here, then he deletes the posts or broadcasts for unexplained reasons.  Well readers are free to draw their own conclusions about the original statements, and the subsequent deletions, and they frequently do.  Perhaps that is why many are not buying his latest desperate statement that he is no longer involved with IMTV.

However, as they say, once on the internet – always on the internet.  For those that wish to verify the information in our post above… HERE is the captured post as it appeared after it was published.

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