You can’t make this stuff up !

Well… its perfectly OK to call the company a scam, and call the CEO liar, scam artist, stock manipulator, post misrepresentations of 10-year old issues, delete posts about upcoming stockholders meetings, delete the rebuttal post of the company’s President… but don’t dare talk about a show currently airing on the network ==> are you kidding me !!!  Really ???

Take a look at the graphic below… the Admin “Dan” tells a pro-PNCH poster, that he can’t talk about a show currently being aired… as it is considered “spam”.   You HAVE GOT to be kidding me !

Apparently there were several messages going back and forth commenting on what was happening on a fight that was being (then) currently aired on the PunchTV network.   ALL the posts were deleted !

You can’t make this stuff up folks… this is what happens over on LieHub.  Is this a place you really want to get your information from???   Can you really trust ANYTHING the bashers and their protectors allow you to see?  This is way past shameful.

(click graphic to enlarge)


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